Granny always said “actions speak louder than words,” so that alone should tell the story…  But, gee, listening to them talk, Mayor Townsell and the City Council certainly take quite a different approach to Conway parks these days.

Mayor Townsell’s parks addiction is now being complicated by “ADOST” — (“Attention deficit — Oh darn, a shiny thing!”).  Are unfinished parks projects “just a wish list,” or should they and will they be prioritized and completed?

Do you remember — back in May during the “shiny thing” Spirit Homes deal — when the Parks Director Steve Ibbotson met with the Council?  Ibbotson presented a list of unfinished projects that all the existing park facilities have incurred.  To finish everything would cost almost $30 million.

When Spirit Homes detractors pointed out that $30 million cost, the Mayor said Ibbotson’s presentation was “just a wish list,” effectively dismissing those projects as being of serious concern (despite the Council having set a special meeting for this discussion).  We don’t recall that any City Council members stepped out then to say otherwise.

Now, yesterday’s Log Cabin reports “City moves forward with community center feasibility bidding…  After the city of Conway voted down a proposed community center on the west side, council members are moving forward with the next steps in evaluating feasibility…  Bidding on the (last piece of the Tucker Creek) trail, Townsell said, is set for consideration at the next regular city council meeting…

That [project] I think is our biggest promise to date,” he said.

Doggone it, Mayor Townsell — which is it?  You (with the Council’s blessing) started all these parks projects.  Two months ago they are “just a wish list” but now Conway designates them as a priority?  What do you mean, your “promise” to finish Tucker Creek trail?  Is this the current “shiny thing?”  Is it only a promise until the newest location for a city pool is found?

Get your attention onto what you’ve started.  Until then, you guys can keep wishing, promising, and prioritizing, but Conway taxpayers deserve to know exactly which parts of your many city-wide parks projects you truly intend to finish.

After all, we’re only the ones who have to keep paying for it all.