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Retail Sales Flat-Lined; Conway Builds Shopping Centers?

Retail sales flat-lined in April and sales have risen just 0.9 percent over the past 12 months, says the Associated Press.  Overall, retail sales are still faltering: The economy expanded at a meager annual pace of 0.2 percent during the… Continue Reading →

RITA: “No Taxes” But What About GIF Funds?

My friends and I are concerned about a great many details surrounding the proposed RITA project, and we keep being told “there will be no taxes” for RITA.  It’s difficult for us to understand that logic, when RITA proponents in… Continue Reading →

Why Shopping Won’t Save Conway’s Future

With our stuttering economy in mind, a couple of recent news stories easily illustrate the ongoing folly of Conway’s Mayor (and others) who believe shopping centers (and the sales taxes from retail) hold the keys to Conway’s economic future. Just… Continue Reading →

The Mayor is Addicted to Parks

Conway Mayor Tab Townsell’s addiction to parks and immature grasp of city finances are catching up with him and causing legal trouble for the City of Conway. A lawsuit now in front of Circuit Judge Michael Murphy alleges Conway unlawfully… Continue Reading →

Speaking Spirit Truth to the Mayor and Council

This is an open letter to the City Council and Mayor of Conway, Arkansas concerning the proposed purchase of the Spirit Homes property and conversion into a park.  As a constituent of each of you, I ask that you vote… Continue Reading →

Winners & Losers in Conway

A “concerned reader” penned the following verses after reading about Conway’s purchase of Spirit Homes for more recreational facilities, a project Mayor Townsell wants done. The Council and the Mayor, you see, say they’re just like you and me. But… Continue Reading →

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